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A Way To Get More Followers To Help With Up-Selling Requirements

To give themselves a quick lift-off, more small business developers are utilizing new, hardcore methods to help them. These are solid and it requires input from a competent service provider closely associated with major social media networks. The service providers are essentially hanging onto major social media networks’ coattails. But to be positive, I regard this as a case of riding the crest of a wave, with the caveat being that they are doing so on behalf of the small business client; you, me and everyone else you will be in competition with.

I realized quite early in the game that it was always going to be a long shot attracting new markets, getting them to cling to my networks as my fan base. No doubt, I did have success in adding new followers to my networks but these always came in dribs and drabs. It would be taking an insurmountable amount of time, time which I did not seem to have, since, coming off an extremely low capital base, I needed to realize a virtually instant income stream long before actually realizing real sales, never mind waiting for payments in response to my prompt invoicing.

So, here is what I did. The goal was to make up-selling an urgent priority. By up-selling my business I would be simultaneously creating a guaranteed stream of income, money that I could use to tie me over and with change to spare to set aside for future capital developments. Of those successful connections I made with existing followers on my Instagram account, I would politely request advance or part-payments for my promised services. Most clients turned their backs on this, but there were some who duly obliged.

I took this to be a sign of faith in me and equated this to the proverbial gentleman’s (handshake) agreement whereby a bond of trust would be immediately established. It worked for a while but as the tide of competition rose, it was never going to be enough. So, a more drastic tactic was required. Post haste, I proceeded with my R & D on how to get more Instagram followers onto my Instagram account, as the saying goes with its sense of urgency (usually on the commanding and demanding side of managers, supervisors and clients); yesterday.

Research revealed that I could quite literally buy my Instagram followers. This was quite akin to the old practice (by now) of big businesses offering monetary sweeteners as a form of leverage always with a view to sweetening the deals and achieving instantly sweet cash flows. While they are always in a strong position to establish lines of credit, we, as small business developers, usually have no other alternative but to seek cash up front. Crowd funding may be good for acquiring capital but purchasing followers would prove to be far more effective in not just earning but gaining. As in gaining new clients for the long term.